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Published on 09-03-2018


Hallo Dear Users, 

We are glad to inform that the Officially Launched . Site is fully operational, but some technical adjustment until the launch date will be possible.

This site is a Rev-Share site with an extra PTC earning.

Least but not last please read carefully the FAQ's and ToS 

We have added a little web-mining to improve our Revenue share for US and Users


Hallo GenesisAds Users, We Are Glad to inform that we have added PayPal Gateway for Deposit and withdraw...Remember to read carefully about refunds in our ToS, we also like to remember that could be some delay for deposit because we are testing PayPal, but if you don't see your balance updated in a few minutes, please open a ticket or contact us at Thanks and enjoy :)



Here Below you can see how many AdPacks x Membership you can Own/Buy :

    STANDARD -------->    20 AdPacks

     BRONZE ------------>    50 AdPacks

     SILVER -------------->  100 AdPacks

      Golden ---------------> 500 AdPacks 

    PLATINUM----------->5000 AdPacks